10 May 2018

XP Factory 2.0

Discuss about Leadership in Fast growing Start ups

XP Factory 2.0

Who is XP Factory?


10th May, Thursday

Attractive panels

The event involves several panels, in which two people will talk about "Leadership in Fast Growing Start ups" and share their experiences.

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New 5-min boxes for introducing new Start-ups


Networking is an integral part of every event. Especially when heated discussions take place during the event.

What do we do when we want to start something? Or get into the profession? Or even choose the next step of life! We ask the one who has more experience. Now we want to provide such conditions. What conditions? Where our leaders and successful teachers share their stories. A channel for all those who are full of learning motivation and dreaming. We want to provide a window to see the eyes of those who have been traversing this path and have come a long way to being successful, moving right and achieving success.

Event Chart

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  • Time: Nine to Nine:Ten (9:00 - 9:10) Start the program

    The program will be start at 9 o'clock with national anthem and Quran.
    speaker :
  • Time: Nine:Ten - Nine:Thirty Minutes (9:10 - 9:30) Part one - Story of Day

    speaker :
  • Time: Nine:Thirty to Ten:Five (9:30-10:05) First Panel

    speaker :
  • Time: Ten:Ten - Ten:Fourthy (10:10 - 10:40) Start Up Box

    In This box, Five startup will be introduce themselves and tell us about their challenges.
    speaker :
  • Time: Ten:Forty - Eleven (10:40 - 11:00) Second Panel

    speaker :
  • Time: Eleven - Eleven:Thirty (11:00 - 11:30) Snack Time

    speaker :
  • Time: Eleven:Fourty To Tweleve:Fifteen (11:40 - 12:15) Third Panel

    speaker :
  • Time: Tweleve:Fifteen to One p.m (12:15 - 13:00) Fourth Panel

    speaker :

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Xpfactory from Your Look

The definitions and glances that other people have about ICP
  • When you talk more about your memories, less about a dream, it means you become Old!

    If Not, You are still Young! XP Factory belongs to who make dreams...

    • روزبه اشتری
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      • Channel manager
  • ایکس‌پی فکتوری با کلی تجربه و آدم‌هایی که در این حوزه فعالیت داشته اند شروع شده و بنظرم به برای جوانان بسیار مفید و آموزنده خواهد بود.

    • صادق جعفری
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      • طراح

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